Big Bounce Week

We are hoping to raise money for an Orphanage in Tanzania.

We are asking for your help to raise a total of £4250!!

Vinh Lam from Queen Mary's Grammar School will be taking part in the 28 days overseas Expedition to Tanzania in 2015.  

The Tanzania Expedition is split into four phases: Acclimatisation Phase; Expedition Phase; Community project phase; and Safari Phase.




Big Bounce W/C 9th June 2014

Tanzania Expedition - Raising money for an Orphanage!

We need your HELP!!!

Thank you so much to everyone whom helped and took part in 'The Big Bounce' week at Active Gym during W/C 9th June 2014.  We have managed to raise £500 from Big Bounce Week at Active Gym.  Congratulations to Chloe Sutton for raising the highest value of £100 - Chloe won herself 5 free gymnastic sessions. 

Well Done and Thank you Everyone!

Certificates of appreciation will be presented to all children who took part in the event in September 2014.

Vinh had managed to raise the total of £4250 through other voluntary activities for his expidition.  The expidition takes place from 14th July till 10th August 2015.  It will be a lifetime experience for him.  Well Done Vinh !!

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