April - May 2012 - 6 Weeks Family Learning sessions -

The exercises on the forward roll were particularly useful.  We now know how to support our children doing a forward and backward roll protecting the nexk and head especially.  The sessions regarding healthy eating were informative and inspirational allowing us an insight into including many different foods in our diet.  The children already enjoy fruit and we now eat a few tropical fruits unheard to us before.  wraps are also an excellent part of the diet and Victoria has had a wrap since that session.  The final session covered all the areas and the children enjoyed yogurt and dried fruits.  A wonderful, informative, and enjoyable six weeks course! By David Gaskell and Children aged 7, 5 and 3 years.

I have found the last 6 weeks really informative.  It has taught me how to use the equipment safely with the children and incorporate some of the techniques in the home environment.  The healthy eating sessions have given the children a chance to try new foods and me ideas for adding variety.  All in all, well taught and very helpful.  By Donna Rochelle (Ofted Registered Childminder).

Yvie has enjoyed all the physical activities.  The eating sessions gave her a chance to observe different foods and see other children partaking in eating them.  The course has been helpful for me to introduce Yvie to foods she might not have tried before.  Thank you to both Thao and Sue for giving their time to us.  By Sonia Smith. (Primary School Teacher).

The last 6 weeks have been very enjoyable for both Jacob & myself.  We have enjoyed trying foods and Jacob has enjoyed having extra time on the equipment & also having one to one time with Thao & Sue.  It's a shame it has come to an end.  Thank you both so much for your extra time.  By Joanna Nutting.

We have both found the six weeks useful, Max enjoyed the extra time playing and learning.  I found the British Heart Foundation Booklet useful.  Many thanks.  By Lorraine Betts and (Max aged 3 years).

 We attended 5 out of 6 weeks.  It was informative and worthwhile staying the extra time.  we enjoyed trying the new food very much.  By Hayley Remblance and (Nell aged 3 years)

 We have completed six of the extra sessions.  They have been fun and interesting.  Kiera especially loved the week when she made a healthy food wrap!  Many thanks.  By Sam Wilson and (Keira aged 3 years).

We have found the extra sessions very useful, fun and interesting.  Learning extra skills has enabled me to practice things such as jumping at home with Nicole and she really enjoyed showing her Dad.  Nicole looks forward to gymnastic every weeks and we both think Active gym is brilliant.  Many thanks.  By Natalie Stringer and (Nicole Hyden aged 3 years) x

Sunday 11th September 2011    To Thao, Thank you so much for a wonderful party and a lovely present for Gracie. She had a great time... Our love, Katie & Adam.

September 2010 - To Thao & Sue,    Kana and Sota enjoyed gymnastics and Tomoya enjoys sometimes gymnastics too. Thank you for your kindness.   From Kana, Sota and Tomoya.

13.04.2010 - We attended toddlers gym at Sundridge Centre, Kingstanding. This was good. The coaches are very interactive with the children and were very enjoyable to be around! Gym helped my child to be more interactive in physical activities and make me think about going to more active, physical classes with my child. What changes do I think should be made to the sessions?? Keep it the same :-)

2009 - Thao & Sue, Thank you very much for the Kaleidoscope and puzzle story book which you gave me for my birthday; they're great. Also, thank you for my party. i really enjoyed it & so did my friends.  Thomas Lever.

22.09.2008 - Dear Thao and Sue,   Thank you very much for my birthday party. You have both worked very hard to make it such a big success. I have had a great time with all my friends. Thank you very much once again. Love, Hannah Thornett x

Dear Thao & Sue, Thank you very much for my wonderful party. Sue did a great job entertaining all of my friends. Thanks for my little present also. You really helped to make my 2nd birthday magical. Lots of love, Olivia xxx

To Thao - Thank you for my shape sorter, and for making my party great fun. All my firends really enjoyed it too. Lots of love, Charlie xxx

To Thao & Caroline - Thank you very much for all the fun I have had at Gym. It has given me confidence and taught me lots of things to do - I loved it. I am going to school now and mommy will be working more  so I will not be coming anymore - I am reaaly sad. Thank you again. Hugs from Kieran Brown 

Dear Thao, Thank you !!! for my Gym Lessons. With Love from, Ruby Saunders xx

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