Children's gymnastics for 6 months to 11 years

Fun and Fitness to give your child a great start to their life

Active Gym welcomes all children, parents, and guardians!  

Our classes run at different accessible venues on different days, so please click on the location most convenient for you from the drop-down menu above for class details. We also provide a Birthday Party service upon request.

We have different classes based on age group, with all activities tailored to suit. We will make exercise fun for your child, while building important physical skill sets, and also good mental health. 

The groups are as follows:

Parent & Toddlers

15 - 36 months

Independent Toddlers

3 - 5 years


5 -7 years


8 - 11 years

Active Gym runs its own programmes with a reward scheme designed to encourage children. In addition to this we also provide British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards. Please see 'Certificates' for further details.

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